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Friday, February 17, 2017

Cheers to the long weekend! What are you up to? Tonight, I'm indulging in some much needed self-care in the form of a hot yoga class and an aromatherapy massage afterwords. Wishing everyone a beautiful next three days, I will see you back here on Tuesday morning, but before you go, how about diving into a few awesome links below? Enjoy!

Simple ways to survive and thrive in troubled times.

Fancy a delicious dessert this weekend? Try those mini strawberry lemon tarts!

What makes your life meaningful?

The secret life of time...

Should I have kids?

Ha! A sweet way to get your coffee fix.

In praise of 'Lagom'.

Wow, have you seen those tattoos?

The five personality traits that make for a better life.

How being bored out of your mind makes you more creative.

Drugstore secrets of a fancy facialist.

Seven reasons moms need minimalism.

What a brilliant little doormat project.

Five simple ways to manage stress on your own.

A birth story of sorts...

Feminist books for teenage girls.


Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

How to stop wasting money on clothes.

And fancy a blast from the past?
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- Five years ago today.
- Four years ago tomorrow.
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- One year ago today.

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(Photo by Milko Marchetti)

This Week's Gems

The 'it' tee for spring...

Those hoops are so sassy!...

Wow! How is this sunrise for the perfect bedroom art piece?...

That flat band is all kinds of amazing!...

Swoon! It doesn't get any better than a linen tumeric throw...

Hello there, beautiful:)...

Those pants look totally comfy, don't they?...

Stunning personalized necklace for the awesome man in your life...

The coolest way to grow herbs at home...

Totally smitten with this black tassel necklace. Such a gem!...

Oh how I love this print - power to women!...

The loveliest earrings to wear with top knots this season!...


Swoonworthy bracelet right here:)...

Speaking of greenery, how cool is this necklace?...



Dearies, what caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys?

P.S: Fancy more?

(1st image by Sustainably Chic and 11th image by Reading My Tea Leaves)

Skin Deep

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wow! To say that Steve Rosenfield's photo series is powerful is an understatement!

This rather brilliant photographer has an ongoing project where he captures individuals as they reveal their innermost insecurities and tell us their deepest desires. Over the past 7 years, Rosenfield has taken thousands of images in hopes to empower people and remind them that one's happiness should not be dictated by others' impossible standards.

Thought-provoking and important, don't you think?

P.S: Healing soldiers.
P.P.S: We are lucky.

(via My Modern Met)

Satin and Silk Type of Spring

Do you own any satin or silk shirts, dresses, skirts or pants?

Wherever I look lately, those beautifully shiny and delicate fabrics seem to pop up everywhere! Just yesterday, I spotted a few girls wearing those sexy slip dresses with chunky sweaters and a couple more sporting jeans with glossy satin shirts to perfection. I find them rather sexy in that tomboyish type-of-way.

Thumbs up for me! How about you?

P.S: Two sassy takes on a silk scarf.
P.P.S: Go-to uniform.

(Photos by/via VogueEJ StyleVisual TherapyChronicles of HerMakie ShimoyamaCollage VintageVanessa Jackman and Tommy Ton)

Don't Mash It, Shave It!

Have you heard of the newest way to eat avocados?

According to Colette, who is a super talented Amsterdam-based cookbook writer, this year will be all about eating your favourite avocado toast topped with not mashed, but shaved avocado pieces.

Yup, supposedly those beautifully green super thin shavings will make your dish look even more scrumptious than before! The trick is to choose a slightly under-ripe avocado and use a vegetable peeler to create anything from avocado shavings to avocado spaghetti.

I'm sold! You?

P.S: Have you tried avocado pickles yet?
P.P.S: Plus, a few quick and healthy lunch fixes that you might like to try...

(Photos by Food Deco via Daily Mail)

Post-Valentine's Flower Tip

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If you received a bunch of flowers last night (lucky girl!) and if you're desperate to keep them fresh for longer, here is a tip on how to achieve that, with no effort at all. Just make a mental note to drop into the vase two or three ice cubes each day while brewing your morning coffee. The ice will have a very similar effect to the fridge trick, so this way you'll be able to enjoy your Valentine's Day treat for a few extra days.

Btw: What flowers did you get?

P.P.S: Here is another tip for those who have a bit more time to spare.

(Tip via Little Green Notebook and also suggested by our local florist last night. Photo via Gardenista

French Tip To Shiny Hair

Fancy an easy, super inexpensive and spot on French tip to shiny hair?

Well, it's simple really: from now on, rinse your hair with vinegar after shampooing. The smell won’t linger on for more than a couple of minutes, but if you can’t stand it, do this afterwords and you’re sorted! Your hair will get shinier, healthier and more manageable after just a couple of washes.

It's actually pretty amazing, how simply vinegar can transform dull hair in a jiffy!

P.S: Remember this?
P.P.S: One life to live.

(Tip by Mathilde Thomas, from her book The French Beauty Solution. Photo via That Kind of Woman)

My New Go-To Intimates

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What's your favourite bra? Till recently, I often struggled with the answer. Mostly because, as many women, I used to wear bras for support, not really comfort. But then my friend, Amy told me to try bralettes. They are basically more relaxed, more comfortable and totally wire-free version of your go-to bra. The best part is they offer just enough support without constricting you and they won't leave skin marks like wired bras do.

So, since it's Valentine's Day and all, here are 10 of my favourite bralettes to treat yourself (and your boobs) to, because you deserve it:

From top: 1. Airplay bralette - 2. Arabesque silk chiffon lace bralette - 3. Denim stripe bralette - 4. Mesh trimmed Michele bralette - 5. Michaela bralette - 6. Uniform bralette - 7. Moonlight Georgette trimmed embroidered bralette - 8. Eliza cutout bralette - 9. Eliza cutout bralette in colorblock  - 10. Moon Mist bralette.

Any favouirtes?

P.S: How do you feel about peek-a-boo bra straps?
P.P.S: Go-to uniform.

(Layout by exPress-o. Photos by/via A Well Traveled WomanUrban Outfitters, MadewellLuna De Marte and Joyce)

Stylish (Older) Couples

Since today is Valentine’s Day, it’s only fair to acknowledge it with a bit of stylish goodness. So, here are nine over-50 couples who despite being married for a long time, still find joy in coordinating their outfits, wear stylish frocks and look impeccable - whatever the occasion! What a spot on inspiration!

What are you up to tonight? Any romantic plans? We're having a candle-lit dinner in our favourite Greek restaurant.

P.S: 'I let my husband dress me for a week'.
P.P.S: Sunday are for lovers.

(Photos by/via 'Advanced Style: Older & Wiser' book by Ari Seth Cohen via Who What Wear)
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